Let the Right One in is Coming to TV

It has been a thing lately to adapt the popular movies to TV as series. One would think of 12 Monkeys as a good example while we also know Rambo and the Exorcist will be the next TV shows to be adapted from movies. It is not certain where this trend will take TV, however, if 12 Monkeys (especially the 1st season) means anything, we’d like to see more TV shows coming that way.

There are are a few horror movies that were adapted as TV series such as Scream, Friday the 13th (which was dumped  because of its pilot) and Ash vs Evil Dead (which is a success). One thing is for sure though, vampires are a popular thing and they might be here to stay for a long time – (pun intended ?).

According to Deadline,  TNT just ordered a pilot based on John Ajvide Lindqvist’s book (and the movie adapted from it) named Let The Right One In. The TV show will have a difference from the movie, the show will take place in Vermont rather than Sweden like the movie.

Let The Right One In  is about a little boy being bullied at school who meets  a new neighbour – a strange little girl around his age. They have a strong friendship with time both being outcast from the society. The little boy learns with time that his little friend is actually a hundreds of years old vampire with a need to feed on blood and supernatural powers. For the uninformed, the movie was remade  for American audiences in 2010 with Chloë Grace Moretz starring in it.