A Favorite Character May Return to Game of Thrones

This post here, it contains possible spoilers for the past and future seasons of Game of Thrones – you have been warned!

For a very long time now, there is one question all Game of Thrones fans may ask themselves from time to time; “Where is Gendry ?”, the fallen King Robert Baratheon’s bastard son.

Last time we saw the dude, he was rowing away and escaping Melisandre’s dark magic after being freed by Davos, the Onion Knight. Well this was 3 seasons ago, the finale of season 3 to be exact.

Has Gendry been rowing all this time? How muscular is he now? and most importantly Is he still rowing ?

Well, it turns out we may find out about Gendry’s fate in Season 7. Watchers on the Wall just spotted Joe Dempsie, the actor playing Gendry at the Belfast Airport in Northern Island. As you might already know Belfast is one of Game Of Thrones‘ filming venues.

Does this mean Gendry is absolutely back? No, it does not. But that is not a vacation location, is it? We think Gendry is going to be back. He will surely add some spice to the story which is already amazing.