“Sherlock Might Go Further Than a 4th Season” Says Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch is one of those actors who makes you think “I should watch that” if he is in something. A big majority of TV series and movies he was involved with was a huge success. The fans are pretty excited to see him as Doctor Strange in the upcoming Marvel movie which is destined to be a hit.

Recently the actor has spoken about the possibility that the 4th season of the series Sherlock might be the final season of it.

Cumberbatch has won the Emmy award for a lead actor in a mini-series in 2014 with his role in Sherlock. The series is a modern retelling of the stories by Arthur Conan Doyle. The series also starred Martin Freeman (The Hobbit) as Sherlock’s right hand Doctor Watson. Fans were upset with Cumbatch’s last statement but he just set the record straight.

During the promotion works for Doctor Strange in Hong Kong, Benedict Cumberbatch made a statement that his previous comments were taken out of context. The actor said the whole cast and crew “love doing the show but we all have to wait and see why the seasons are not happening in the same regularity.” He finished his words by saying “Never say never, when it’s right, and if it’s right, we’ll do more.”

Sherlock will return to TV with season 4 in 2017.