Netflix Casts the Villain for Punisher

Undoubtedly, Netflix is doing a great job in adapting comic books to TV series. With Daredevil’s first 2 seasons and Jessica Jones’ 1st season being huge hits and earning so much praise, things can only get better for the cooperation between Marvel and Netflix. Another Marvel show Luke Cage is about to premiere on Netflix while Defenders, Iron Fist and The Punisher will also have their first seasons later.

As the fans would know, Punisher did more than just a cameo in Daredevil’s second season and sometimes even stole the show. Kudos to the script writers here because, well, they included Punisher so well within the story without getting carried off of the main storyline and still developing all the characters decently.

Punisher did so well, indeed, it was pretty clear at the end of Daredevil’s 2nd season that appearing in the other shows would not be enough to satisfy the fans of the character played excellently by Jon Bernthal. Considering this, Netflix went ahead and announced that Punisher would get its own show. He will also be joining the Defenders from what we can understand from the short Defenders teaser. When will Punisher premiere is a question mark (rumors said 2017 but the production has not started yet), however, there are some casting news regarding the show.

Punisher’s friend in comic books, Microchip will join Frank Castle and the villain was also cast.

 According to TVLine, Ben Barnes (Prince CAspian in Chronicles of Narnia) has been cast as the villain for The Punisher. Barnes is preparing for his role in Westworld on HBO. Barnes could be playing a character named Bobby Saint, the son of Howard Saint, a character that appeared in Thomas Jane’s The Punisher movie. We’ll have to wait and see how the show will include him in the storyline, fingers crossed for a 2017 start for The Punisher!