Netflix Adapting a Stephen King Novel as a Movie

Netflix hits once again. Most of you probably have not heard but Netflix snatched the distribution rights of Mike Flanagan’s Hush. This horror-thriller movie was so successful that it earned some praise from a horror master like Stephen King.

But where did Netflix come in the play? Netflix is interested in Flanagan’s adaptation of Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game novel, thanks to the success brought by Hush.

The movie was announced back in 2014, a short time after Flanagan’s Oculus’ release, however, the proıject was shelved since there were some difficulties about finding distribution. Flanagan kept working on Hush. The sucess of Hush kind of paved his way to make his next movie and he seems to be determined to make that movie.

During an interview he had with Rue Morgue, Flanagan explained the dificulties and details of the project, primarily lack of interest from studios and he stated why Netflix would be the perfect home for the movie:

“I view Hush, actually, as my most successful movie. All of Netflix’s numbers are proprietary, so I don’t get to look at them, but the way I’ve heard people talking, it’s been viewed an amazing number of times, and the reception has been very, very positive. Coincidentally, Stephen King watched Hush at home on Netflix and tweeted about it, which kind of blew my mind. And that got us talking about Gerald’s Game again.”