The Last Ship Renewed for Seasons 4 and 5

Some good news for the fans of The Last Ship comes now. Apparently TNT decided that is is not enough to renew the show for a fourth season (it is about to have a finale for the 3rd season) and a fifth season should come.

TNT just announced that they renewed the Last Ship for a fifth season only a little while after it was announced the show would have a fourth season.

Truth be told, The Last Ship is not what many people expected it to be. It is not just an army show that does army things, it grew and improved with time and turned into a summer hit. Season 3 is having its finale tonight and things are looking exciting in the storyline. That says something about a show that is about to wrap up its third season, don’t you think?

For the uninformed, The Last Ship is about the crew of the U.S.S. Nathan James, the ship that is tasked to save the human race right before a virus hit almost all of huımanity. Eric Dane, Adam Baldwin and Bridget Regan stars in the series. Be sure you will not regret watching it.