Marvel Might Make a Captain America Movie Without Steve Rogers

When we think of Marvel Cinematic Universe, one of the first names we think of is Steve Rogers AKA Captain America. However, with ending of Captain America: Civil War (Rogers dropping the shield) and the latest statement made by Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, we might see a Captain America movie with Steve Rogers in it.

Kevin Feige was asked about the importance of Captain America within Marvel’s Cinematic Universe during an interview he had with Collider and his answer was as follows:

If we look back at the comic books as our inspiration and as the well from which this all springs, then the answer is ‘no.’ … I’m not saying we’ll do it in the movie, but I’ve read Captain America comics that don’t have Steve Rogers in them.

As some of you might know, Steve Rogers is not the only person in the comic books to play the role of Captain America. Isaiah Bradley, William Naslund, Jeffrey Mace, William Burnside, Scar Turpin and Dave Rickford have all become Captain America although Rogers is the most famous one.

It will be an interesting film to watch without Rogers as Captain America if it happens, we will keep you updated about it. Follow us on Facebook!