Penny Dreadful To Continue in a Comic Book Series

Penny Dreadful might not be the best horror or mystery series in the TV historu, however, it is undeniable that the series had a unique taste to it. That made it have a real loyal following throughout the years and it was kind of heartberaking to those fans when the series ended early this year.

The series ending in an unexpected manner and time, to be exact, as the fans had almost no clue that this was the series finale, brought tears to the eye as the fans watched their favorite characters saying farewell for good with the protagonist literally dying at the end.

On that front, there are some good news that might make some Penny Dreadful fans happy. Showtime recently took to Twitter and announced there that the series will be carrying on but as a comic book series, not a TV series.

Happy Halloween #Dreadfuls ! Behold your treat: A new #PennyDreadful Comic Book Series, coming 2017, set 6 months after the TV series finale!

— Penny Dreadful (@SHO_Penny) October 31, 2016

According to the tweet and the official release from the network later on, the series will be focusing on Ethan Carter’s life after Miss Ives’ death as he will be called on for duty one more time to battle the forces of the darkness.