Justin Theroux Joined Duncan Jones’ Mute

Late David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones’ star is on the rise as a screenwriter and a director. He has got three movies under his belt Moon, Source Code and Warcraft. The first two films were successfull sci-fi thrillers while Warcraft had some mixed reviews although still making $433 million worldwide with a budget of $160 million.

Duncan Jones is now working on a new sci-fi movie named Mute which will tell us a story that takes place in Berlin 40 years from now. It focuses on Leo Beiler (Alexander Skarsgard, True Blood), a bartender determined to find his missing girlfriend. Leo’s search leads him to Paul Rudd’s (Ant-Man) character, a surgeon who might have a clue about where his girlfriend is.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the latest big name to join the cast of Mute is Justin Theroux, who you can watch as “the sheriff with demons”, Kevin Garvey, on HBO’s supernatural drama The Leftovers . No information on the role’s details yet, however, it surely will be a big one as Theroux’s star is on the rise lately.