Hunger Games Actor Amandla Stenberg Joins The Darkest Minds

Dystopian YA film genre had its good days, however, it has been going down in the recent years.That does not mean the studios will forget them though. In fact they are still trying to capitalize on the success of movies like The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner. Fox will be adapting Alexandra Bracken’s novel series The Darkest Minds into a movie (or probably movies we should say). The books focus on kids and teeanagers who have special abilities and who have been kept as prisoners by the government after a pandemic hit the humanity.

The protagonist of the story is Ruby Daly, a young girl with telepathic abilities looking for shelter after escaping from a government “rehabilitation camp” named Thurmond. Jennifer Yuh Nelson will be directing the movie while the script will be written by Chad Hodge. There are also some casting news coming in. Sleepy Hollow and Hunger Games’ Amandla Stenberg just joined the movie to play the lead role as Ruby Daly.

She did a very good job on both Colombiana and The Hunger Games movie so it is a pretty solid choice for the studio. She is also a political activist known to support feminism and the Black Lives Matter movement.