Cyborg to Appear in The Flash Movie

The DCEU’s next goal is the get underway with the production of their next movie – namely The Flash. Warner Bros is about to complete Wonder Woman and do the principal photography works for Justice League. After that the eyes will be on The Flash movie. Except Green Lantern, every major DC character to appearp on Justice League will have a solo film and these heroes will have many chances to appear together in respective movies of theirs. Cyborg, for instance, is going to appear in The Flash movie.

The latest version of The Flash script indicates Cyborg will be appearing in the movie. Director Famuyiva twitted a pic to tease fans that Cyborg will be in the movie. It shows a script together with a Flash and Cyborg toy, although the Cyborg one cannot be made out exactly.  Take a look at it yourself.



— Rick Famuyiwa (@RickFamuyiwa) September 26, 2016


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