Heathers, the Classic Movie is Coming to TV

Bringing back TV shows from the past or adapting movies into TV shows has become a really popular thing among the TV networks these days. But how can you really blame them? This means they are going just one step further – by already having a built-in audience from the past. This time, it is a 1988 classic film starring Christian Slater and Winona Ryder, Heathers.

Heathers is a movie centered on Veronica Sawyer, Winona Ryder’s character, a new girl in Westerburg High School. So what is the Heathers you say? Well, it is the other girls, yes all three of them are named Heather (played by Kim Walker, Shannen  Doherty and Lisanne Falk). Soon enough, Veronica gets tired of Heathers’ behaviors and leves the group. They try to ruin Veronica’s reputation and Veronica answers by collaborating with an outsider, J.D. (Slater’s character). However, J.D. goes a little to far in planning the revenge, to homicide namely.

THR reports that TV Land ordered the pilot of the series which will carry on black comedy features f the original movie. Characters, however, will change a lot. One of the Heathers is a black lesbian while the second one is a gay man and the third one is an overweight girl. No information about Veronica and J.D. characters. It sure is going to be interesting to watch with so many changes from the original.  If it is successfull, the series will get a second season, however, it will be an anthology series which means every year a new story and new Heathers will come to play.