Star Trek: Discovery is Going Big

Star Trek: Discovery, a much anticipated TV show by sci-fi fans all around the world, is going real big before its debut on CBS. As oyu may very welli know, the franchise will be moving to CBS’ All Access portal in January. But here is the thing, this is not going to be about just a new ship, new aliens planets; there will be a comic book series and a novel, too.

While celebrating the franchise’s 50-year anniversary with Nicholas Meyer (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan’s writer and director), Kristen Beyer, who’s overseeing some of the Star Trek novels, stated that there are big plans in motion for Star Trek at the Star Trek: Mission New York convention.

Beyer stated that longtime Star Trek author David Mack will be writing the novel that will tie in to Discovery  while writer Mike Johnson will be helping to develop the comic series.  She added “We’re creating these in real time with the show. They’re going to support the story in a way we don’t normally have the chance to do.”

We sure are excited to see one of the best sci-fi franchises of TV history come back to the screen, fingers crossed!