Wolverine 3’s Villain Confirmed

It has been almost twnty years since Hugh Jackman first played Wolverine and the star is saying goodbye to the character with his last Wolverine movie; Wolverine 3. The fans are both sad and excited about hoping Hugh Jackman is sent off properly by using the Old Man Logan storyline in the movie. Up until now, the only details revealed about the movie are Professor X being in it and some rumors about X-23 being introduced. That brings one question to mind: who will be the villain of the movie?

As you may remember, X-Men: Apocalypse’s scene after credits  teased Wolverine 3. Brian Singer did a director’s commentary for the home video release of Apocalypse confirming what people suspected. A man carrying an Essex Corp briefcase passes through the Weapon X facility in the scene. According to CinemaBlend  Singer confirms that Mister Sinister will be in Wolverine 3.It is not surprising of course but it is always good to have official confirmation from the authorities.

Wolverine 3 will hit U.S. theaters on March 3, 2017.