The War of the Worlds is Becoming a TV Series

Aliens invading the Earth has always been a popular subject matter used by both Hollywood and TV producers. Sometimes the aliens were the bad guys and sometimes the friendly ones. Some great movies were made like Alien franchise while some projects turned out to be complete flukes.

There are some TV series reviving the genre on the small screen right now Colony and The X-Files. Another one to draw attention is MTV’s new project, the TV adaptation of The War of the Worlds, a sci-fi novel by H.G. Wells. Andrew Cochran will be writing the script for the series which will take place in a modern setting. Some of you might know him from another MTV TV series, Teen Wolf.

Apart from that, there really is not much news yet about the TV series whether about the premiere date or the members of the cast. We will keep you udpated about The War of the Worlds TV series, follow us on social media to not to miss anything!