Tyrant Canceled by FX

When Tyrant premiered on FX in 2014 expectations were high due to two big names behind it; award-winning Homeland’s producer and writer, Howard Gordon and Gideon Raff, respectively.

The show focused on the idealistic struggle between two brothers in a fictional Middle Eastern country (Abuddin). It was so impressive at first that Ang Lee, the Academy Award winner director wanted to direct the pilot episode.

Things did not turn out as planned and the pilot ended up being directed by Harry Potter’s director David Yates. British actor Adam Rayner took the lead as the protagonist character, Barry Al-Fayeed and the show subsequently had some problems when violence found its way to the shooting location in Israel and caused some concern. Trouble continued when Tyrant’s premiere had mediocre reviews.

Although it had many problems, Tyrant kept on and persevered. It was actually renewed for two more seasons and the third one premiered this summer with the promise of bringing the story of the two brothers and Abbudin full circle. That being said, this 3rd season has just become Tyrant’s last one. FX just announced that the season 3 finale, the episode titled ‘Two Graves’ will be the series finale.

Tyrant’s final episode, “Two Graves” is on tonight.