Taylor Kitsch to Star as the Lead in Waco Drama

Friday Night Lights and John Carter actor, Taylor Kitsch will be starring in a drama about the Waco siege as David Koresh, the leader of Branch Davidians cult  how believed himself to be the final prophet of the religious sect. Koresh was  a person who was accused of sexual abuse and child abuse when he was leading the cult.

Other casting rumors about the show has Michael Shannon to star as the lead negotiator of FBI, Gary Noesner and Ludacris as Wayne Martin, a member of Branch Davidian.

Waco is now being developed by Weinstein Television and it will be focusing on the 1993 siege of Branch Davidians compound outside Waco, Texas. Four agents and six members of Branch Davidians died when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms raided the compound. After that, FBI took over the operation and it turned into a 51 days  long standpff between the FBI and Koresh.

Later, the FBI attempted to remove the Branch Davidians from the compound and a fire started in the building resulting in the death of Koresh and 80 Branch Davidians, including 22 children. It is still speculated that the cult members started the fire on their own.

Waco will be a limited series that will attempt to tell the story from the perspectives of both the government and the Branch Davidians. The show was not picked up by a network yet but Weinstein plans to shop it in September. Follow us on Twitter for the updates!