Scream Renewed for a New Season and a Halloween Special


1996 movie Scream was one of the best and first examples for the teen horror movie genre and it has been brought to the small screen lately. TV series is about a group of high school kids fighthing a masked killer but it also has a complicated and intriguing plot. It has been gathering an important size of fans since its premiere in 2015. Lakewood kids will be back with a Halloween special and have a third season now as announced by MTV.

The premiere date of the third season is not revealed yet but next week, we will be watching the Halloween special of the series. It will be a two-hour special which will take place 8 mnths after the events of season 2. Emma and her friends will be heading to Shallow Grove Island to escape their traumas. Things will not be going well there either, the kids will be facing a killer at Shallow Grove — who actually might be connected to their original foe.

The Scream’s two-hour Halloween special will air on MTV at 9 p.m. EST on Tuesday, October 18th.