Scott Eastwood Wants to Reprise His Role in Suicide Squad 2

Suicide Squad was one of the mega hits of a summer that has not gone well for Hollywood. Most movies released this summer was somewhat mediocre and that is why the good ones kind of shone more brightly. That being said, Suicide Squad by DC Extended Universe made $300.8 million domestically and $678.9 million globally. There is no official announcement, however, we are pretty sure Suicide Squad 2 will be announced very soon by Warner Bros.

About the cast of Suicide Squad 2, there are some “almost” certain things; Will Smith and Margot Robbie must return to their roles. The rest of the Suicide Squad cast included some important namesone of which is Scott Eastwood. He made it pretty clear that he would love to return his role.

During a recent interview with Screen Rant, the actor was asked about his role in Suicide Squad 2. His character “seemed” to have died in the first movie but Scott Eastwood was enthusiastic about reprising his role. We’ll keep you updated about the news regarding Suicide Squad 2.