FX Bringing a Sci-fi Horror Show to TV: Basilisk

Artificial intelligence is becoming a trend for TV and Hollywood again. With the advance of technology, more productions became interested in what might become of the world in a more technologically advanced time, however, almost none of them truly delved into the AI side of things, namely what would be consequences of having AI free in the world.

FX might be covering that part. The network announced that they are developing a new horror-drama TV show called Basilisk. The creative team is includes important names like Curtis Gwinn, the writer and producer of the The Walking Dead  and Francis Lawrence, the director of The Hunger Games. Sci-fi fans should watch the show  as it will be dealing with the dark side of robotics and AI.

Both Gwinn and Lawrence will also act as the executive produces  of the show. Deadline describes the show as “A gritty horror series that follows an atheistic college therapist and her computer-genius patient as they find themselves pulled into a plot to awaken a malevolent, god-like artificial intelligence”.