Netflix Bringing a New Mythbusters

It was a heartbreak for the fans of Mythbusters starring Adam Savage and Jamie Hynemann was cancelled by Discovery Channel.

Here are some good news for the fans. The trio that was behing Adam and Jamie for years are now creating their own TV show named The White Rabbit Project which will be broadcast on Netflix through the end of the year.

According to Deadline, Mythbusters actors Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci and Kari Byron will star in The White Rabbit Project. Produced for Netflix by Beyond Productions the series will focus on the three scientists going “down the rabbit hole” to explore mysteries from pop culture and history. The subjects will vary from strange World War II weapons to jailbreaks, superpower tech and heists. The trio will carry on the tradition of Mythbusters  and bring myths to light by building things and doing experiments.

Emmy award-winning Mythbusters, which was on Tv for 13 seasons, appealed to anyone from science buffs, nerds to lay people. So let’s hope that this is carried on into the White Rabbit Project. With Bill Nye talk show Netflix also announced, we can say Netflix green light TV shows aiming to make learning fun.

The White Rabbit Project will premiere on December 9, 2016.