Daniel Craig Offered $150 million to Return as James Bond

There is no arguing what kind of popular franchise James Bond is and Daniel Craig is certainly one of the most-liked actors that played the character throughout the years. He has been the face of James Bond for the last four movies while bringing a lot of prfoit for Sony. Even if the last installation, Spectre did not do well in theatres like 2012’s Skyfall, it made $879 million worldwide at the box office.  Hence the reason Sony wants Daniel Craig as James Bond for a little while longer at the very least.

As you might already remember, Craig said in a statement he gave before Spectre was released that he would cut his wrists instead of playing a secret agent again. There were rumour Daniel Craig refused an offer of $100  million to return to his role. Since then, there were a lot replacement rumors for him including Idris Elba, Aidan Turner – the lead star in Poldark, and Tom Hiddleston. But Sony seems to be interested only in Craig’s returning to play Agent 007. The rumor has it the offer increased tp to $150 million to return Craig to his role for two more James Bond movies. Will he or will he not? Time will tell. But it really is not that smart to pay an actor that much for a franchise that already changes the face of the main character every so often.