Marvel’s The Defenders Found Its Director

The collaboration between Marvel and Netflix did become a really useful one as both giants benefited from it to a great extent. Marvel brought its street level comic book heroes to the TV screen in a way that satisfied even the hardcore fans of comic books while Netflix had the chance to serve to an audience  that was already there – thanks again to comic books.

With Daredevil season 1 and 2, Jessica Jones season 1 and Luke Cage season 1 being released and Iron Fist season 1 being on the way, the stepping stones for the limited team-up serie, The Defenders is almost all in place. There were not many details revealed for the show, however, it is supposed to start filming in early November. The biggest concern was about the director.   Marvel just announced who will be in the director’s seat for the earlier episodes.

 S.J. Clarkson will be directing the first two episodes of The Defenders. The series will be comprised of 8 episodes by the way. Clarkson directed the first two episodes of the first season of Jessica Jones, some episodes of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black and HBO’s Vinyl. The head of Marvel TV, Jeph Loeb made the following statement about this assignment:

“S.J.’s take on the material is outstanding. We loved her work on Marvel’s Jessica Jones and couldn’t think of a more talented and accomplished person to helm the first two episodes of Marvel’s The Defenders.”