Margot Robbie Makes a New Deal with Warner Bros

Margot Robbie is surely one of the fastest upcomers of the Hollywood. The Australian actress gets more popular by the day and her recent role in Suicide Squad has only made her even a bigger name. If you are a Margot Robbie fan you will be pleased to here these news. The actress just signed a “first-look” deal with Warner Bros which will keep her and her character Harley Quinn around for a long time. This deal gave her the power to be able to direct multiple features and she will also be starring in that solo Harley Quinn movie everyone is talking about.

The rumors were spread about Warner Bros looking for a solo feature for Margot Robbie and her character Harley Quinn even before Suicide Squad made its premiere. Before the movie was released Margot was asked about the solo Harley Quinn movie and she said she was not sure it would actually happen. It was thought that Warner Bros. got gold feet from commiting to a solo spin-off before seeing where Suicide Squad will go.
It turns out this was not the only reason to delay the agreement. Margot Robbie was actually promised more than just a Harley Quinn movie; another movie, namely Queen of the Air, in which Robbie will star and act as an executive-producer was also part of the agreement.
Things seem to be ok for now on both sides, so we might be getting excited about a solo Harley Quinn movie. Get updated daily by following us on social media!