Julia Roberts is Coming Back with a Real Life Story

Julia Roberts’ career is not going so well for the last few years. It is not like she was acting bad or in bad movies but it just was not the same with her in 1990s and 2000s. That may change very soon though. It turns out she will be playing in a true crime story which might make cause some real buzz.

Variety reports that Julia Roberts will be playing the character of the disgraced PTA mom, Kelli Peters in the drama movie Framed. Framed is based on a real life incident that transpired in the Irvine, California school system in 2011. It is about two parents in the Irvine Unified School District framing Peters for felony drug charges to make her leave her position on the PTA. This was a huge story in California five years ago while Kelli Peters has only recently was compensated and got he justice she deserved. She was awarded $5.7 million after Irvine parents Jill and Kent Easter tried to ruin her life. Framed movie might be a genuine attempt to put her story in the minds of the public. True crime is the latest trend in TV. People vs OJ Simpson and its success come to mind as a recent example.

The release date of the movie is not determined yet, however, we will keep you updated about it, follow us on social media!