House of Cards Casts Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott

As one of the original Netflix series, House of Cards surely played a big role in making Netflix what it is now, a streatming giant with a lot of potential. The latest news suggest that Netflix is looking to increase their original content percentage to 50%.

House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey as the lead, ig going to have its 5th season with new shorunners. As you might remember, season 4 finale introduced Claire Underwood as Frank Underwood’s running mate. Although there are not many news about the TV series, lately some casting news have come up.

According to the reports, Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott will be a part of the 5th season of House of Cards, No news about their characters have been released yet, however, it is noted that they will both play important roles for the political dream we all have come to enjoy during the last 4 years.

House of Cards’ 5th season will start early in 2017 and you can find the first 4 episodes streaming on Netflix anytime you’d like. Follow us on Facebook to get daily updates!