Deadpool 2 Production Delayed

With the huge success of Deadpool movie that grossed $782.6 million at the worldwide box office, it was a sure thing that a sequel would come. Fox greenlighted the sequel immediately and it was expected for the original creators’ team to reunite for the second movie. Things have changed recently and Tim Miller stepped down from the ovie due to creative differences (rumor has it that they were about Cable casting and the film’s scope). Then the studio went on a search and David Leitch’s name was mentioned in relation to the movie as a frontrunner.

This did not affect the production schedule though, the movie would still start production at the beginning of 2017 although it seemed illogical since the new director would have to have only 2 months for preparations. As a relief to the fans, we now report that the movie will be a little bit delayed.

According to Collider, the principal photography works supposed to start in March noıt January of 2017 and the team has not started casting yet when Miller left. With all these factors in mind, it is only logical to push the production a bit. But that is actually good news since no one actually wants an unprepared Deadpool 2 movie.