Anne Hathaway is Open to Reprise Her Catwoman Role


DCEU will be open to new characters as their universe really expands and Selina Kyle (Catwoman) is one of those characters which have not appeared yet in this universe of DC. Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry played the role in the past but the last actress to play her was Anne Hathaway if you do not count Carmen Bicondova on Gotham. Anne Hathaway took the role in The Dark Knight Rises and we can say she did a good job in that movie.

Although Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is a seperate thing from DCEU, Hathaway still expressed her wish to come back to play the role.

During an interview about her upcoming movie, Colossal, Variety asked her if she would return to the role. Hathaway not only said yes but stated that she was a real fan of the DC Universe:

 “I loved that character and I had such a blast playing her. I’m not sure how it would work because I think the Chris Nolan chapter of the Batman story has been wrapped up and I’m part of that, but I love the DC Universe and it would be fun to take a trip back.”