Tom Cruise’s New Movie Methuselah Found Its Director

Tom Cruise is doing another tour on movie theatres with Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. He will return to the big screen with The Mummy and American Made, a drama thriller in 2017 while also featuring once again as Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible 6.  There are also movies like Top Gun 2 and Edge of [...]

Jurassic World 2 Won’t Have Jake Johnson

Since its premiere in 2015 Jurassic World movie made a big splash and is a pretty popular sci-fi production, now, with the expectations of a sequel. It has been a while since the sequel Jurassic World 2 was announced to arrive in 2018. The franchise will be a trilogy although the possible date for the third [...]

Tom Hardy to Play Al Capone

There are not that many American gangsters that are as infamous as Al Capone. The Chicago crime boss was a huge name from the Prohibition Era who won some hearts with his criticism on the government's anti-alcohol policy. The gangster was the name behind many hideous acts though and the government arrested him for tax evasion [...]

“Westworld’s Renewal Is Almost a Sure Thing” Says HBO President

After having too many problems to be actually brought into existence, Westworld finally found its way onto our TV screens and became one of the most watched TV series of the fall season. The series focus on a theme park filled with AI robots that are finely crafted to suit every need of the visitors. [...]

Marvel’s The Defenders Found Its Director

The collaboration between Marvel and Netflix did become a really useful one as both giants benefited from it to a great extent. Marvel brought its street level comic book heroes to the TV screen in a way that satisfied even the hardcore fans of comic books while Netflix had the chance to serve to an audience  that [...]

Rambo Remake is On The Way

When someone says Sylvester Stallone, without a doubt, one of the first things that come to mind is the Rambo franchise - the Rocky franchise being another one. The Rambo series featured 4 movies to the day with the last one bringing back the action hero for the new generation in 2008. Based on the 1972 [...]

Will and Grace Might Be Coming Back

It has been ten years since Will & Grace ended its 8-season run on NBC. The series was not only one of the best sticoms ever made but it was also groundbreaking in many aspects. It featured gay characters as leads and it was among one of few shows that made that. Also, it featured gay themes [...]

Sherlock Holmes 3 Gathering Writers

Robert Downey Jr. is one of the biggest names in Hollywood right now thanks to his success in Marvel movies and Sherlock Holmes franchise. The next to movies in front of him are Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War but he is also working on other projects. One of those is the third movie of Sherlock [...]

Jim Gaffigan Joins Fargo

FX is becoming the king network of anthologies with the likes of Fargo, American Horror Story and American Crime Story thanks in part to producer and showrunner Ryan Murphy. All these shows have a bright future with the network and Fargo is about to start filming for the third season. Casting news have been coming and [...]

Stana Katic to Star in a New Thriller Series

It has been a while since Stana Katic exited Castle in a rather scandalous way - about which no one actually could give any satisfying explanations to this day. The rumor has it that Katic and co-star Nathan Fillion had some real feud between them for a long time. Things have turned out okay from what it [...]

Bryan Fuller Quits Star Trek: Discovery

Since CBS announced a reboot for the Star Trek franchise, the fans of the TV series and/or movies were quite anxious about how it is going to happen. Later, news broke out stating that Bryan Fuller will be the showrunner which, of course, eased the doubts in fans' minds. After all, he was a writer in Star [...]

Eddie Thawne Might Return to The Flash

It has been  a long time since we saw Eddie Thawne die, or to be exact, sacrifice himself in the finale of The Flash's first season. He killed himself knowing that would also end Reverse Flash's existence as he was his descendant. Since that moment, the fans have been kind of wanting him to return or at least discussing [...]

Game of Thrones: Season 7 Set Photos Reveal Another Meeting

Game of Thrones season 7 has been being filmed for a while now and we did what we could to bring you the news about possible events to occur in the upcoming season - which will air in summer 2017. There has been much silence to keep everything secret and that, of course, meant the scenes of [...]

Sherlock Season 4 Has a Premiere Date

Although he has been under the spotlight for the movies he has been doing recently such as Marvel's Doctor Strange, what gave Benedict Cumberbatch the boost he needed for his career was acting as Sherlock Holmes in the modern-day TV adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's literary work. Accompanied by Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson, Cunberbatch won [...]

Peter Jackson Starts Working on His New Movie

Young Adult fiction has been  a blast for Hollywood lately. With movies like The Hunger Games and Harry Potter becoming huge hits at the Box Office, the demand in YA movie has been increasing day by day. Some movies like Twilight, although they are not well received by critics that well, still managed to be [...]