Stephen King’s Hearts in Atlantis is Becoming a Movie

Stephen King‘s prose provided the source material for a great deal of movies and TV shows until now starting with his first novel Carrie (1974) being adapted to a movie in 1976. The latest one among his books to be adapted is Hearts in Atlantis (1999).

If you will remember there is already a movie  named Hearts in Atlantis dated 2001, however, this movie was not based on Hearts in Atlantis novella but on two different stories in the collection; Low Men in Yellow Coats and Heavenly Shades of Night Are Falling.

Variety reports that the new Hearts in Atlantis film, which will be titled Hearts, will be directed by Johannes Roberts while Ernest Riera will write the script. These two work  together frequently and recently they worked on the horror movie The Other Side of The Door  together. It turns our Hearts in Atlantis is Roberts’ favorite King story which will in turn make the movie a true passion project for Roberts. King also endorsed the project. This sounds a like a great movie. We will keep you updated by social media follow us on Facebook!