Stephen Amell To Join American Ninja Warrior

The actors in DC Comics’ Arrowverse series are quite the busy bees considering they not only act for their own shows byut also join three other Arrowverse shows from time to time. However, Arrow’s Stephen Amell still wants to participate in more series according to his tweet:
Ok… It happened. The people of Salt Lake City and the great State of Utah pushed me over the edge. NBC American Ninja Warrior – in 2017, I would like to compete on your show.
Lately, Stephen Amell appeared in Salt Lake Comic Con and it seems like there he decided to join American Ninja Warrior.

Come to think of it, Stephen Amell could be a very good choice of a combatant for the NBC series. He does work out as it could be clearly understood from his social media account where he posts content from his intense training sessions.

As some of you may remember, Stephen Amell preivously used social media for achieving his personal dreams. He had “a feud” with wrestling star Stardust and that led to a match between these two.

We might say his campaigning has a really good start considering  American Ninja Warrior‘s host, Matt Iseman just tweeted they accept Amell’s application.