A Modern Robin Hood Drama is on the Way

With amazing titles like Fast and Furious series and Star Trek Beyond,  Justin Lin is now a critically acclaimed filmmaker in Hollywood. Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek: Discovery) is also an important television and film producer.

These two important names of the entertainment industry will be working together for another popular production soon: a new Robin Hood drama for CBS.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Lin and Kurtzman are working together on a modern day adaptation of Robin Hood, the tale of English folklore legend. More specifically the TV series will be focused on a group of thieves led by an architect, all of whom will do deeds inspired by Robin Hood and give to the poor what they steal form the rich. The show will be based on  Geoff Manaugh’s book  A Burglar’s Guide to the City. 

Lin and Kurtzman will surely be doing a great job on bringing another classic story alive within a contemporary context and considering, its source material is a non-fiction book, the show is set to be good.