Maze Runner: the Death Cure to Return Filming in February

As the fans of the movie will know, Maze Runner:The Death Cure was put on hiatus after star Dylan O’Brien got injured on the set. Good news is it will return shooting in February.

For the uninformed, this movie will be the third part of the series which are based on the books of James Dashner telilng the story of a group of teenagers wandering a dystopian world full of diseases. O’Brien’s character Thomas is the protagonist of the story.

O’Brien has sustained multiple injuries on set on March 18, four days after filming started for the movie in Vancouver. Soon after Fox released a statement saying the porduction is postponed not cancelled while Deadline reported O’brian fractured his cheekbone or orbital socket. The filming, which was supposed restart in May, was postponed again to accommodate O’Brien’s recovery time.


The Death Cure has the potential to revive dystopian young adult literature on the silver screen if it is well. Reaction from the youth might open a new door for the genre and more novels might be adapted to movies and/or TV. We’re just going to have to wait and see.