Mad Max Prequel is Under Developement

Mad Max: Fury Road was a summer hit at the box office and earned many praises.  The sequel movie came thirty years later than the first one and won an Oscar. The creator of the franchise George Miller, Australian director, has been stating his wish to carry on the series for a long time but it did not happen until this year.

There were also talks of a prequel to the movie but it ws not clear for which movie the prequel would be for. Considering there is a lot of time between Fury Road and Beyond Thunderome a prequel to Fury Road seemed more possible.

According to an Australian newspaper, The Herald Sun, Mad Max: The Wasteland is under development and looking for filming locations in the Broken Green area.

The article also says the film will focus on Charlize Theron’s character, however, there is no confirmation by Warner Bros or George Miller. We will keep you updated as the news keeps coming, follow us on social media!