Groundhog Day is Becoming a Musical

Bill Murray is surely still one of the most talented comedians/actors in Hollywood. With his roles in productions such as Ghostbusters, Scrooged and  Groundhog Day, the actor won the hearts of comedy fans all over the world.

There is no one willing to do a sequel for Groundhog Day, however, there are some other news about the feature film. According to The Wrap, the movie will be turned into a musical and will be staged in Broadway when the spring comes. As you might already know, Groundhog Day musical had made its world premiere in London a month ago. The production earned many praises right after  it was staged the first time.

With such good reviews from London, Groundhog Day’s musical will surely be anticipated in USA. Americna audience is different, yes, but from what we have gathered Brits loved the musical so much that there will be a promising return for Groundhog Day in United States also.