Fruit Ninja is Becoming a Movie – No, Not a Joke

Movie adaptations of anything popular just became the latest trend but mostly those adaptations are of original movies released decades ago or something. This does not stop studios from trying to adapt “whatever works”, though. Angry Birds surprised people but it was equally successfull as a movie as the game.

Studios are continiously looking for new material that could be used and New Line Cinema is just in line for some game adaptation. Popular mobile game Fruit Ninja is going to be made a movie, New Line Cinema just acquired the rights to the movie.

Released in 2010, the game became one of the most popular iOS games ever and it had 1 billion downloads up to now. The game was released for Android and Windows phones in addition to XBox Kinect. Tripp Vinson (San Andreas) will be producing the movie while Sam White and Tana Farey will be exectuive producers, J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani will be writing the script.

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