Bad Boys 3 Release Date According to Martin Lawrence

Bad Boys became a decent franchise  with its second movie after which is became inevitable to do a third one. The next movie is in the plans, however, there was no news about its time until recently. The third movie was officialy titled Bad Boys for Life and now is coming close to start filiming according to one of its stars, Martin Lawrence. When he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Martin Lawrence made the following statement about the upcoming movie.

We’re looking towards maybe March. So hopefully it may happen if we can get everybody together at the same time.

With everyone involved getting on board during the last 12 months, the movie is one step closer to production. It is supposed to be released in January 2018 which makes it right to say the filiming could start in March of 2017 to be able to provide that. Follow us on Facebook and get the latest updates on your favorite movies and TV series!